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Does this new display demonstrate Jeff Koons's foremost contribution to paintings?- review - Telegraph.co.uk

'Jeff Koons Now', at Newport highway Gallery, London SE11

It takes chutzpah, bordering possibly on lunacy, to marry a porn star and show specific images of yourself and better half in amorous congress on a gallery wall as works of art.

American artist Jeff Koons did simply any such aspect, and the evidence is far and wide the third room of this mini-retrospective: in photos of Koons and his ex-wife Ilona Staller, aka la Cicciolina, at it, which depart fully nothing to the imagination – accompanied by an enormous sculpture of a bowl of plastic eggs, symbolising, possibly fertility.

Koons, born in 1955, is the titan of what might possibly be called Neo-Liberal Realism, the massive, brash publish-conceptual paintings that fanfared victorious capitalism and pushed paintings expenses stratospheric from the Eighties to the early Noughties.

A onetime Wall highway commodities-broking service, Koons is among the most reviled and admired artists of all time: reviled for his art's blatant association with big funds and for the perception that he's taking the world for a trip; admired for plenty the same causes.

Koons and his ny peers reminiscent of Cindy Sherman and Richard Prince were a pivotal affect on the a little more youthful British YBA era that included Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. Hirst, indeed, cites seeing Koons's work in London's Saatchi Gallery in 1988 as crucial to his artistic development. This captivating exhibition then, the 2d at Hirst's Newport highway Gallery, curated by using Hirst and drawn thoroughly from his assortment, is a chance to repay the debt.

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